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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Everybody In The Pool!

The pool is finally up and running - so far. And of course we haven't gotten the final bill for it which I'm sure will dampen my enthusiasm (temporarily at least!). David fired up the pump yesterday and got it running when I noticed the water running out of the side of the pool heater. David thinks maybe he didn't get all of the water out during the winter and cracked a pipe. After a brief investigation where he realized it was no easy fix he bypassed the heater and refitting the tubing to go directly to the pump system and it worked. Since we only used the heater for a total of 9 hours last year we're not overly upset - the pool temp yesterday was 76 degrees - perfect for swimming and why, yes I did!, thank you for asking!

1 comment:

acarter00 said...

Yea!!!  I have been dropping hints to Jim that I might need a big inflatable pool for the summer.  So far it hasn't worked but maybe when he gets his electric bills with the AC running he might change his mind...