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Friday, June 2, 2006

It's Hot Enough To Fry An Egg

The Crack Weather team is at it again. For days they've been predicting falling temps and then changing it when they think we're not looking. I think they should be made to apologize for thier wrong predictions, I mean do they think we really won't notice? The temps have stayed steady in the 90's and the humidity is a killer.  I was out in PA yesterday with a little extra time on my hands so I explored the local graves - I'm getting a bit obsessed, aren't I? It's hard not to around here with all the old stuff and it's all pretty interesting. There was a new part, but if you looked in the back in amongst the trees  that was the really old part of the cemetery. I came across a big headstone and noticed a  crumbling set of stairs next to it. Of course me being me I had to go look. There was an equally crumbling old crypt constructed entirely out of bricks and the front part had fallen in. After several attempts at standing on things to peek in, I considered getting on top. Fortunately since I am now 45 I think before I do and had an image of having to call 911 to report I'd fallen in a crypt and worse, having to explain this one to the boss. Not to mention if I did collapse the crypt that might be technically a Tresspassing Issue and since my boss and I already had that discussion - in her opinion there is NO grey area no matter how many scenarios I can come up with -  it  would probably be a problem. So I chose to be a Ground Dweller and hold my camera in, take a picture and hope for the best. I think it came out pretty good. Today I have my half day and it's fairly dismal looking outside so there'll be no graveyard hopping today - the pictures just don't come out right. Pearl continues to grow, big surprise there and she's pretty good looking. We're now trying to get her to be gentle with the cats, with her ever increasing size she's rough with them and they are NOT appreciating her. And we will be keeping track of national weeks from now on. We are entering National Health Awareness Week, National Frozen Yougurt Week and my favorite - National Rip Current Awareness Week.

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hewasolddog299 said...

Hmm, looks like vandalism or worse, attempted grave robbing. Did you report it to the cemetary office?

Graveyards make great neighbors; far better than the guy in the wife beater undershirt that revs his truck engine for 15 minutes every time he pulls into his driveway across the way.