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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Can I Retire Now?

The pool has become the focus of our existance once again - you never realize how much work they are until you own one and am no longer an invited guest. We still haven't gotten a bill from the pool guy yet so David will call him on Monday. Not that we need another bill, but we have to pay it anyhow and we'd both rather get it over with and go on with our lives. Mick also cleared up the mystery of why this house has such a huge pool (it's 16 x 32 x 10 feet on the end) - this house was owed by Mr. Davis who owned a pool company. Mick said he did all the pools for the rich people in this area and ours was probably the showcase pool (it used to also have a slide that we removed because of it's poor condition and the diving board we found out in the woods - ruined of course). This week at work has been awful - the big problem is communication. I tend to get called with things that are NOT my concern and things I need to know are not passed on. I've been trying to control my temper but I think when I was called 4 times before 9 am about a problem that was not mine I did lose it a bit. I didn't yell or anything, but I was not nice about it. Yesterday just sucked from one end to the other, I took another GPS shortcut which wasn't as bad as it could've been but was a bit rough going at times. David and  I went out to dinner last night, we went to the chinese place because we wanted to go to Wal-Mart (right next door) - David said after dinner he is all chinesed out and we need to give it a break. He's currently working on what we've been calling the computer room, he ripped up the carpet and tiled in there, next the walls come down (cheap paneling painted blue that buckled) and then the ceiling gets tackled. That is going to be a job - they had an overhead hoyer system and all the large bolts are hanging out so we'll have to pull up the carpet upstairs to remove them. AND they go all the way across and into the bathroom. David stopped construction on the former hot tub room for now, he's not sure what he's going to do with it and we don't use it for now, so it will just stay in transistion until we have a plan. David has learned over the years it's better to stop and step back then to do it and then rip it out six times. WEEK OF JUNE 26TH - National Boating Safety Week, National Certified Nursing Assistants Week, National Lightening Awareness Week and for the more daring - June 26th is also National Sodomy Day - but it's only one day so you'll have to act fast.....

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