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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Moving Right Along

David got the tile put down yesterday - he had to put up the gate to prevent Pearl The Helper Dog from running all over it. It looks really nice and now he has to tackle the walls and ceiling. And the bathroom. And it needs a door. And it needs to be grouted still. Other than that he's almost done! He's trying to get it finished so we can put everything back in the room, right now we had to move all the computer stuff into the foyer and the rest down into Jackson's room. David finally blew up my latest float - he had to use his compressor which had been on a job. I got it for my birthday and it's huge. I did try it out yesterday and it's so comfortable I could sleep out there! Pearl has been a special pest lately, her name should've been - Leave The Cat Alone, No Pearl, Come Pearl, COME HERE NOW PEARL(this is followed by dire threats), See I Told You To Leave The Cat Alone and of course, CUT IT OUT STOP IT. And she's tireless, from the moment her tiny eyes open in the morning to the second she passes out at night she's just motion all day. She is staying in her bed at night though (more or less) and we've gotten her to understand that it's ok to come up in the morning. She's constant with the vacuum and trying to sweep anything turns into a fight to the death with the broom. AND to add to the mix we're still battling it with Charger and the food, I'm at the end of my rope. The more I try to prevent him from eating Pearl's food the more determined he is to eat it and I've tried everything.I even tried giving him some wet food in his bowl but all that did was make it worse because he ate his and then her's!  I feel bad for yelling at him and it does no good anyhow, he'll sit in the doorway all day waiting for me to leave and then hoover it down as fast as possible. If he was younger or more active it wouldn't be an issue but believe me, he's gotten so big he's having trouble getting up - except for making to the bowl of course.

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bgilmore725 said...

Is he a Weimaraner?? I don't know if I spelled it correctly. Dogs... they are so much like children. Gotta love em, though. bea