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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When It Rains, It Pours

We finally paid the pool guy yesterday, I saw him coming up the road as I was leaving for work and called David to intercept and not let him get away. No, I'm not eager to get rid of our money but I hate having a bill hanging over my head - I'd rather just pay it and get it over with. Since we have the pool up and running, floats and all it's decided  to rain for the rest of the summer - I haven't been swimming in 3 days or so and the closest I've been is running filter and testing the water. It did clear up for awhile yesterday which is how I took such nice pictures (I love Tunnelton!) but the clouds moved in and we were back to rain before I pulled in the driveway. David is still toiling away on the room downstairs, he's determined to get it finished this week so the tile is down and sealed and has the entire thing sheet rocked. He still hasn't tackled the bolts in the ceiling which just tires me out thinking about it. He's picking Jackson up on Thursday and then it's 4rth of July - they always have a big display down by the river so maybe we'll go to that.

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