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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Summer Is Right Around The Corner

As of Monday Jackson will have 3 days left of school and then out for the summer. Our plans remain up in the air, one thing depends on another and in the meantime, nada is happening. We did Sam's Club yesterday - we needed to get more pet food and so forth. We are now feeding both Pearl and Charger the same thing in an attempt to get Charger to stop eating all of her food. I KNOW he does it to prove he is still an "Alpha" but he's turning into a "Cow-pha" since he's hogging everything down daily. I was letting him do it since he is old, but that turned out to be a bad decision as with his advancing age and stiff joints the extra weight has done him no favors. There have been bad decisions all around dog-wise, the other mistake we made was letting Pearl sleep with us. When we were housebreaking her we stuck her in our bed since she was too little to get down, thereby effectively preventing any midnight piddling. Now we are stuck with an ever expanding dog who insists on sleeping with us and will not even sleep at the foot of the bed at least because there are no pillows down there. We've tried pushing her down to the bottom only to wake up nose to nose with Pearl-ine. And the thing that pushes it over the top is it's getting to be summer and the last thing I need is a my own Personal Heating Unit in July. We're going to buy her a dog bed today - I can smell a battle brewing already.

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