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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just Add Water

After weeks of waiting they finally came on Monday. At noon.  David stayed home and was getting as much done as possible - not only to save time, but also to try and save a little money. They had to relevel the shallow end and then announced they would be back on Tuesday to put the liner in so David had to take another day off. After seeing them put in the liner he and Jackson announced they could've done it but in retrospect, I think it would have still been dicey. First off at the moment we have two vacuums attached to the sides while the pool fills to hold the liner tight to the side to prevent wrinkles and the more important part - if they accidently ripped it we would've been out a liner and they ARE very expensive. We're filling it with the hose which will take longer but the truck with water you could get was over $600 so we are making due with the hose. Jackson is going to be taking off for a vacation next week which he's getting pretty excited about - he's been making plans for that and also plotting where he's going to be gettting a job for the rest of the summer. Pearl is still getting teeth and looks just like a tiny shark at the moment with two sets of teeth going.

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