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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Skies Are Blue

This was the most spectacular rainbow - I couldn't photograph the whole thing thing though no matter where I stood. Next to it was a fainter rainbow, I tried to get a good picture of it but with the sun setting it was pretty hard. We are getting things done these days. David called the pool guy and pinned him down to a day, David is pumping the pool out beforehand to save time. If the pool guy isn't telling a story he'll be here at the end of the week or Monday - I know it's still too cool to swim but I am heartily tired of fighting the Frog Spa Wars - I've dumped about 6 gallons of chlorox in so far, it holds it for a few days and then back to the Swamp. So at least the greenie stuff will be gone. I wish I'd gotten a picture of when David started, he was having trouble getting it to start pumping so I jokingly told Jackson maybe he should pick up the end of the hose and siphon it. So playing around he picked up the end of the hose and sucked in, grinned at me, did it again - and WHOOSH - a whole mouthful of Green Frog Slime Water  ,EEWWW!!  I shaved Charger Barger again yesterday, his hair grows back so fast - I took a ton off, now David has to do his nails. Pearl had to go outside because she's a big Pest and has to be involved in everything. David was playing with her with the vacuum, she loves the noise it makes when he sucks up the side of her face - it is pretty funny. Jackson has his last day of school tomorrow and is busy making plans for the summer which he claims will be a hoot. He and my sister are in cahoots for his visit to PA and LI, then he's getting a job when he gets back, he's going to be practicing driving, he and some friends have each other's phone numbers and are making plans and there is Becky too - they've been going out for a year now. Impressive!

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