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Monday, June 26, 2006

And The Beat Goes On

Sunday and Monday are one in the same this week - I worked most of yesterday - I had 2 calls and one admission. The first call went very smoothly - I was in and out, after that the crap hit the fan. The next job the patient's equipment had malfunctioned resulting in a change in gears and numerous phone calls to the company. The next call I had trouble finding the address (keep in mind it's pouring rain the entire time) and finding the address proved nothing - it was a shortened visit by the ambulance. David is working nonstop on the room downstairs, he wants to get it done as he has a roof repair on Wednesday and then has to pick Jackson up on Thursday. He got the tile grouted, the rest of the tile out of the bathroom, and then started to pull the cheap painted bright blue panelling off the wall. This would be when he discovered that fact that it was ALL glued to the walls which also explains the buckling. So he's going to have to sheet rock over it. The bolts in the ceiling are going to be the worst, David is sure they go along the floor of all the bedrooms upstairs and the only way to get them out is to pull up all the carpet and pull them from the floor - our luck they probably go across the hall too. I suggested we do what they do on the Home And Garden Channel and do something Fun and Whimsical, maybe an Indoor Bird Sanctuary or a Fantasy Cloud Ceiling. David said he doesn't think so. The other thing David did was saw the old pool table apart and get rid of it. We had started thinking about refurbishing it but the cost would've been double what a new one would cost - and we don't play pool anyhow.

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bgilmore725 said...

Whoa!! THat's a pretty darn cool effect! I haven't learned how to do that with my photos yet. I don't even think I have the program to do that kind of work. Bea