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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello From West Virginia

We've been busy around the place the past few days - always so much to do. As much as I've always wanted my own pool I've come to the conclusion it's better to have FRIEND with a pool -all the benefits and none of the hassle. We have to get a solar cover for it soon I suppose. David was home the other day, his recent jobs are outside and it was raining on and off yesterday so inbetween rainstorms he was down on the lower acres brushhogging it with Pearl in attendance. I think we're truly leaning towards selling them in the near future, David just wants to stop at the modular home place and see if it would be more finacially wise to build one and then sell the property. Pearl continues to grow and Charger continues to steal her food, he's driving me crazy with that I'm afraid. His weight has ballooned and with the decreased activity it's really starting to affect him. I get him outside as often as I can but with the summer heat that won't be possible soon. The cats are fine however, Mr. Lee continues trucking along, still delighting in jumping the puppy and harassing Claw. Vincent goes out first thing in the morning and reappears around dinner time, he's quite used to his day schedule now.

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