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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Birds.

We are being overwhelmed with birds - there was a red headed woodpecker out front this morning, turkeys were gobbling in the lower acres, geese were flying over head, the spruce trees were singing away, it was like a free for all for our fine feathered friends. We have to figure out something to keep the birds from flying into our picture window out front, I found two dead birds that had bonked into our window yesterday (not to mention it's a bit startling if you're sitting on the couch). David and I mowed the yard on Friday, he rides the 48" Yazoo and I have my little John Deere so it's not real bad, but we've been having intermittent showers which just encourages Jungle Growth. My little  push mower broke so we have to get a new one and I cannot use the weed whacker. I did  use it last week but my surgical site swelled a bit and was pretty sore so I think that was enough of that. David's almost done with the roof, they were having a sale on shingles at Lowes so he figured this would be a good time to do that. We're getting there slowly but surely - but there's always so much more on the list and when you get done with the list, it just starts all over again, doesn't it? We got rid of the giant table in the dining room and put our old harvest table back which looks much better but now the dining room doesn't match, but I don't care. I don't think we'll be bringing the hutch with us anyhow. David is still trying to figure things out, the RE called but we're no where near done, BUT there's a little house for sale in Fairmont on the lake that David thinks would have good resale value (not to mention how much closer I would be to AC Moores.......)

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hhuecker said...

Hi Julia E, I had that problem and it was suggested that I have a picture of a cat enlarged and tape it to the inside of the window, it worked, Dad