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Friday, April 25, 2008

Is It Friday Already?

David is being driven insane by the birds - they do not sleep and neither does he these days. I know where they are - we have a line of giant spruce trees along the driveway next to the garage which is where our bedroom window faces. Those trees are literally stuffed with little birds, Pearl is forever standing on her hind and legs and trying to climb them. If you shake them the trees explode with birds and now they've taken to having All Night Singing Contests which is what is driving David crazy. Anyhoo, spring has sprung and the yard was instantly out of control so last night we manned the mowers until dinner time - I did the acreage around the house and David did the lower parts on the big mower. I always find it a little scary as we live on a hill and the mower always feels like it's tilting - when I worked in the local hospitals here one of the most common injuries (aside from getting drunk and falling out of your tree stand) was rolling lawn tractors and fracturing your femur - that is an ugly injury which tends to involve things like pins and traction so I try to be super careful. I am turning 47 next week so I'm too old for this crap anyhow. I'm back to exercising every morning but am not allowed to lift anything until pretty much the middle of May and even then have to be careful so it's put quite a dent in my morning routine. I'm back to trying to eat well - except for pizza on Friday of course. At work the other nurse has handed in her resignation but we have someone on board until we can fill her position so it won't be too bad. I hope!

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