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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In The Name Of God?

The thing about these religious sects that they occasionally raid  - I understand they're following "god's law" - but why is this god always telling these old geezers to marry teenage girls?? Why doesn't this god person tell them to, hmm, I don't know -  MARRY SOMEONE THIER OWN AGE?  Interestingly enough in other parts of the country if you take an underage girl, beat and seperate her from society, make her have sex with older men they call that "pimping" - in the Church of the Latter Day Saints apparently they call it "ok with us".  One of the fun things about the bible is you can pretty much twist it anyway you want and it still makes sense. The Tibetian Book Of The Dead is a much better read as it's pretty clear on The Rules Of Conduct and Other Things. That would be my thought for the day. Moving on, Jackson has gotten a stay on his execution and will indeed being doing the cap and gown thing as far as we know. We now have to deal with the prom thing but if he can't come up with a date so we can rent a tux he still has his All Purpose Suit  which will do for that. My car is hopefully coming home today, it had to go back on Monday for the part they had to order that came in. It's not a big deal as I haven't been driving of course, but I like to have it here just in case. I do like that fact that we can use the garage in Blacksville and that they'll drive it back and forth.

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mosie1944 said...

Cliff and I got a laugh out of "the old geezers... marrying teenage girls."  So true.