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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 492: It Still Hurts.

You always think that the perfect vacation involves books, knitting, tv and nowhere to go - and then when it happens it's perfect for like, maybe 3 days. I can honestly say I've watched every episode of You Are What You Eat and How Clean Is Your House - each show is on four times a day which is something I didn't know before now. Dr. Phil has become trite. I spend the other half of my leisure time defending my midsection as all the animals in the house have become Hernia Seeking Projectiles so lying on the couch has a certain air of danger about it. Other than that I have my follow-up appointment for the 15th and this morning I am feeling better. Of course I've only been up for half an hour so that could change. The blanket is coming along, I'm already halfway done with the first line of houses - it's a fairly easy pattern to follow along with but the size of the needles make it slow going. The carpet guy came yesterday - David stayed home for that as he had not previously realized I probably wouldn't be able to deal with the dog and he wanted to make sure all the rooms were measured. I also finally got my car fixed - the struts were in need of repair but since I can't work without the car I've had to let it go. We use Vance's in Blacksville but the guy opens the Vance's near us so David and Jackson dropped it off here and the guy just took the car when he went back to Blacksville. I've heard from Adam several times, he has two more weeks of boot camp and then he's off to A school for further training - I think he'll be aiming to go back to Japan after that. If he goes, then Jackson will probably follow in the fall and half of the family will be in Asia and the other half in West Virginia, sounds a little strange when you write it out like that, doesn't it?

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