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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's All Maintenance

The one thing you never realize when you're younger is how much work it is to be older.(yes, I had a birthday, thank you for asking). Losing weight in my 20's generally involved a carton of Marlboros and a lot of coffee - and it worked very well. Now it's a carefully orchestrated diet with plenty of exercise and that's just to keep from gaining weight, never mind losing it. The surgery didn't help, it's still a few weeks off before I can even consider lifting anything and sit-ups are out of the picture for the time being - let me tell you, going from 150 sit ups daily to none at all is driving me crazy. The only thing that keeps me from cheating is the idea of a repeat surgery and ending up back at square one. I happen to be enjoying a belly that has nothing poking out of it so I will behave even though it will take me weeks to get rid of that cake!My birthday was quiet, but as you get older that's sort of what happens, isn't it? I took a couple of hours of personal time as David's truck is in Blacksville getting a new hub or something and Jackson needed retrieving after school.

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