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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things You Should Know

Throw your kitchen sponges in the wash, especially when you're doing the  whites - it keeps them from getting stinky and keeps them clean much longer

Keep the lid of the old coffee can and put it on the bottom of the new one to prevent rust rings on the counter

if you love pie -  instead of making a pie crust (the average 9" is 41% saturated fat and has about 700 calories) use Fillo pastry sheets which has little fat and 10 sheets is about 160 calories. You get it in the freezer section - so defrost of course, unroll, take a sheet (they're very thin) put in pie pan, spray with Pam, layer another sheet, spray with Pam, etc until you've made a decent crust. Add filling and bake! (Kathy told me about this years ago and it really is a great substitute)

If you come to visit me do NOT bring any clown friends - I'm scared of them (or coulrophobic if you need an exact term). If you bring a clown he will have to stay in the car.  I am not alone in my phobia    -

I didn't end up at the Ramp Festival in Core, on closer inspection it had rather overt religious overtones and despite my love of ramps I would be hard pressed to have to pretend to pray over them. Us heathens have our limits. David and I spent most of the morning doing errands, We went to Mail and More to get the money order for the FULL SET OF RUSSIAN KNITTING NEEDLES - whoo hoo!! - I'm getting for my birthday  -    -they're actually coming from Maine so try not to be so terribly impressed - honestly, don't you people ever get out? David's neck is feeling a bit better, hopefully the doctor got it all so he won't have to go back in. I'm getting ready to go back to work on Monday, I'm mentally dragging my feet but I know once I get back it'll be fun.




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mosie1944 said...

My daughter has always hated clowns, too.