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Friday, April 18, 2008

Who Turned Up The Heat?

It's typical WV weather - we were freezing our collective tails off and them BAM - summer is here. I swapped out all my summer clothes yesterday and sorted through all of them - there is no reason for me to own two pairs of pants that I don't wear, I can just not wear the one pair and  be happy with that. I have to lose a few pounds but nothing too tragic and I do have the elipse. I got rid of the main culprits this week, I had asked David to buy me some chocolate chip cookies which was something I will never do again at Sam's club - he bought a CASE of "Grandma's Homemade Cookies", all I can say is Grandma must have the cardiac constitution of a Samuri warrior. They were 200 calories - EACH, who needs that kind of trouble? However as we all know anything that has that many calories will sit in the pantry and call your name all day and when you're stuck home you will obey. So I dumped the majority  into a grocery bag and gave them to The Senior with strict instructions to give them out in school. Jackson reported the homeroom wiped out the entire bag in under 5 minutes and were astonished that I would give such a great thing away, I must be crazy or something. Must be. Anyhoo, we are getting ready to take the cover off the pool soon since we - cough cough - kind of had to refill close to half of it. Hmm, you're thinking, what could have happened to the water? Well..... there was rainwater on the cover so I took a garden hose and filled it with water, stuck it in the water on the cover and voila!, it started draining by gravity. However, UNBEKNOWESNT to me and I have no idea how this happened I not only sucked the rainwater off the cover but somehow managed to suck about half the water out of the pool(there is some sort of moral to this story about maybe paying attention or something.....). The Yarn Hater was actually sort of amused. It took two days to refill it and that of course is diluting the chemicals so we might have to open it a bit sooner this year. Anyhoo, we're off to Sam's Club and then Pizza for dinner, it is Friday you know!

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