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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flung Into The Black Hole

Amazing how you can be off of work for three weeks and it might as well be three years. Yesterday was very disjointed with the exception of my first visit with a regular patient. I dropped off my labs and headed into the office - some of my patients that I thought would be discharged were not so that was a major discussion. I had new patients, discharging patients  and  an injection training  with that horrid injection pen. Talk about trying to build a better mouse trap - it has a digital dose meter, a needle shield with a safety lock, a little white button hidden on one side that releases the plunger on top that rotates to set the dose..... are you getting a headache yet? And it actually works very well once you get the hang of it. The first time I taught it the company didn't include the instruction manual so what I ended up doing was making the patient watch the ENTIRE video while I  sat on a couch behind her frantically taking the pen apart with the sketchy little troubleshooting guide and watching the video myself with the other eye. By the time she turned around I was an expert, barely. Anyhoo, yesterday was all full of surprises, some of which I can't go into but I will tell you there is a nurse in Chicago and a nurse in Texas laughing thier asses off about an incident that happened yesterday which of course, involved yours truly. By the time I got home I was dragging big time, it was all I could do not to fall asleep before 9pm  - it really knocked me out. But I got all my paperwork done and have all my patients scheduled for today so hopefully it will go smoother.

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