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Monday, April 21, 2008

High. Ho.

That's right, it's off to work I go. The last week has been very nice - I read a lot of useless books, knitted, watched BBC until my eyes froze, that sort of thing. Poor Pearl, she's had 3 full weeks of company so I'm sure something of mine will suffer for my absence at some point today. David goes to the dermotologist sometime today to have his sutures removed, the incision seems to be healing well. My incision is all healed over, there is a dissolvable stitch working it's way out, tugging doesn't help and it hurts when I do it so I should maybe stop. I'm back on my diet this morning too, my weight has been gradually creeping up over the past few months and I'd like to stop it before it gets entirely out of hand. David and Jackson pulled the cover off the pool yesterday, the water looks alright and I asked them to put it back. It's too early to open it and if we do it just means extra time cleaning and adding chemicals to a pool we can't swim in yet. I figure in a couple of weeks I'll open it  as it should warm up by then, plus we have the solar cover this year. The frogs have been lurking around it, they are so sneaky! The neighbors next door have been working on thier property, from the look of the fencing it looks like we will have Cow Neighbors which should make Pearl The Watch Dog crazy. Oh well, I guess I'd better get ready for the salt mines..............

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