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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Bottom Rock Of Love

First off, I was led down the garden path by Kim and secondly I've been watching too much tv entirely. While yakking with Kim last week we got on the subject of reality tv which we both professed to have never watched and then both admitted we do indeed watch it. My skeleton in the closet is viewing the entire season of Flavor Of Love in one day and being unable to stop until I knew if it was Punkin, Hoopz or New York who won the hand of Flavor Flav.(in case you're wondering it was Hoopz who was presented with a diamond grill in addition to becoming the girlfriend of the strange little man). Kim then had to admit to slumming it in the kitchen with Brett Michaels Rock Of Love 2 as strangely enough he had been unable to find his True Love in the previous 12 episodes. So of course while channel surfing from the couch yesterday there it was. It's sort of interesting in a strange way - the show I watched he's down to Ambre, Daisy, and Destiny. My two favorite parts were when they were declaring thier love for Brett but poor Destiny was unable to commit - Daisy yelled at her "are you here for Brett or the show? If it was John Stamos would you still feel the same?!!" - wow. even I had to stop and think about that one. Since she was unable to answer that question the other two outed her at the Elimination Round and Brett in a meaningful way held her hands and told her she was an Awesome awesome awesome awesome person who needed more time to party. This had to suck for Destiny as she'd gotten a tattoo of the show's logo on the back of her neck earlier in the episode. There's a bad decison for you. So Brett is now down to deciding between Ambre who accidently shaved about 6 years off of her age and Daisy the stripper who apparently has all sorts of revelations on a regular basis. I need to get out of the house.

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