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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Walking Tour

We have people coming today, people coming tomorrow and two repeats (one is 3rd time around) coming during the week. David's still finishing, as  you look at the pictures you can see there are a lot of odds and ends but for the most part, it's almost all done. I thought I would take pictures of the entire house so you can see how it's going. I've been working all weekend, both days I ended up in Clarksburg so I've been busy. It wasn't too bad, I went to AC Moores but couldn't justify any more yarn and I got to Big Lots too early this morning so that was a wash. But I have books on order from Knitpicks and I got a knitting magazine this afternoon (The Yarnhater asked me if I could POSSIBLY come home just one day without yarn, a magazine, etc. I just looked at him blankly - he should try making sense once in awhile) so my world is in balance for now.This afternoon I sat down and got all my stuff ready for tomorrow and then set up all my patients as it's going to be a great deal of running. Vincent made it to the vet's yesterday, he recieved mucho injections which David reported he did not enjoy, the vet thinks he has allergies so he got a steriod shot along with feline leukemia vaccine and rabies and I think some other stuff since he was there. I heard from Adam, he's doing very well and I think likes being on a carrier more than he'll admit. He's met some people and has gone to a BBQ with friends so I think he's very glad he's rejoined. We spoke with Jackson last night, I think he's stayed in NC too long and I think he thinks that too, but his plane ticket has been bought and we did tell him so, so that is that.  Pearl and I went swimming this afternoon between rain showers and so forth, the weather is getting quite tiresome and I think it plans on staying that way for awhile.

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connie7280 said...

Hi Julie,   Plane tickets can be changed quite easily.  Love Mom