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Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Pictures Please!

That's right - in one fell swoop I managed to corrupt my entire Kodak file - 5 years of pictures down the proverbial drain. This  on the heels of the fact my camera is dying a rather undignified death involving duct tape and a good shake now and then.  I'm buying a new one this weekend, I sort of wish I'd bought one before the holidays but with work and the rush trying to get everything done, Adam's visit, etc I didn't want to grab just anything and be sorry two weeks down the road. I think I did ok present wise buying - no one threw any back at me at any rate .
David managed to find a pair of bookends that looked suspiciously like Pearl The Girl to give to Janet and Diane. That way they'll have something to gaze upon until the Real Deal shows up for a Hostessing Event at their house. We had a good - yet too brief - visit back on LI. Adam managed to see the family and got out for a few hours to see his friends, I saw Lizzard and we yakked until 11. Fun with Fred and Connie, a whole week with Adam, what more could you ask for? But all good things have to end (well, they don't have to end, but they generally do...) and I am back to work. One of the nurses is quitting, it's the holidays, too much work and not enough bodies, so it goes, so it goes. I had to work today - someone has to work each holiday as we have daily patients so I volunteered (it looks more professional than Whining and Crying) - day from hell of course. I ran from 7:30 am til 3 and then sat to coffee and a mountain of paperwork. David is busy tiling the kitchen - we had to stay off of it until 2 pm after David conferred with Fred who has a "couple" of years experience in the tile business and therefore thinks he knows everything - he actually does but we try not to give him a big head. So here I am, New Years Day and not a resolution in sight. I've mulled over them, the standards- lose weight, save money, be nicer, but then there are the ones that are more do-able. I could resolve to eat more candy, to spend my money on yarn I don't need and books I won't read - to be a little less evil on Tuesdays  and to eat Pizza every Friday without fail. I suppose I'll take the higher ground after thinking about it -  the true resolutions aren't the goals, but the journey there. You can resolve to be good but the work is in figuring out how to be good - do you have to be good every day or just more good than bad? And be good about what - I can try but I cannot be good about everything, no way, no how. So maybe I should be selectively good..... just like Claw doesn't bite everyone, but she's pretty good about biting people equally. So we'll see, I think I need a week or so to figure it all out, maybe I should just resolve to not resolve anything and let the path lead me where it needs me to go.

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