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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pinnochio's Revenge

I spent yesterday just doing stuff I wanted to do, I sorted out my entire stash to see what I had - amusingly everything has a project attached to it, I just have to get to it. I did a bit of cleaning to make myself feel useful and then I parked it on the couch to watch my favorite channel. There were no clowns involved but it was sort of puppet day - they're right behind clowns on my list of things that creep me out big time(a clown puppet would probably put me right over the edge). First Tales From The Crypt was on with a ventriloquist theme followed by Pinnochio's Revenge which had a hilariously cheesy plot (puppet buried with a murder victim is somehow given to a little girl) - it was such an incredibly ugly puppet I can't imagine giving it to ANYONE let alone a small child. Oh well - mayhem ensued of course, the puppet would just sort of scary appear out of nowhere and I especially enjoyed when it was whapping the nanny with a poker - you have no idea. The best was when it got ahold of a rather large knife - I can't imagine the terror of being chased by a knife-wielding psycho puppet with big cartoon hands - I so love that stuff! I got a lot done on my sweater too. David brought my car down and the light do-hicky is nothing serious they said - we are still starting to look for something though. I think we'll wait until after the holidays as January is the best time to shop for a car I think, there's a Honda dealership about 20 miles from here so I'll scout that out first. I just want to make it past the holidays with no more excitement, I've had enough for the year.

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