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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To Work

The first day back at work always stinks a little bit, you're not quite ready, it went too fast, just one more day. But if you had one more day, well quite frankly, you would want another one. While I was away there were major changes made in the office -more desks, more computers, more training. This was stress I don't need, also compounded by the fact that David will be coming back Wednesday instead of Monday as planned - it wouldn't be such a problem except our dog sitter is on vacation which means of course Miss Pants is stuck in the house for close to 12 hours. So I take her out in the morning as early and long as I can and rush home. Since it's summer I can BBQ so I cook and eat outside so she romp around. This is the one thing we had not thought about when we got her - that all the kids would grow up and go, no one to let her out after school. It's quiet here with just me and the pets, we fall into a rhythm easily. They crowd at night, I often wake up pushed to the edge of the bed or pinned to the mattress, one on each side and another across my feet. They're not above taking liberties. I spend a lot of time outside while I'm home - the weather is lovely but the mosquitos are NOT - if you stand outside without bug spray a cloud collects quickly and they commence the attack. So I smell most days.

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