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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Norfolk Rocks.

I have a very limited amount of pictures, I took some the first day we were there and then that was it - I got too busy. Adam looks great and is doing well - we got to see him the entire time we were down there and squeezed a lot of stuff into that short time. We checked out of the hotel Sunday morning around 11, did a little bit of exploring and then went to get Adam. We did lunch, mall, and then to Carleen and John's. They had a BBQ and after I went out to the movies with Carleen and Tara to see The Ugly Truth - David, John and Adam stayed home. The next day we headed to Virginia Beach, the Yarn Hater was just dying to get some yarn so I was like, ok, stop crying! we'll go and get some yarn. We went to the Knitting Corner where they were having a SALE - whoo hoo!! bonus! About then the sea monkey called so we went and got him and went to the NEX which was more of a high light for me than Adam. He can go anytime he wants though so it's not a big excitement for him. I went to the movies again, this time Section 9 which we liked more than David did. The guy that was working the concession stand was the slowest thing I have ever seen in my life, he was so slow he forgot our order halfway through (popcorn, water soda) and had to re-evaluate the situation, we made it in right when the movie started. We went back to John and Carleen's- they are both busy with the sports starting up, work,etc. but we had pizza and beer for dinner. Adam got worried when I was on my second one as I was taking him back to the ship but I assured him it was alright as I not only had a pass but would let them know I knew the captain. Adam did not find that amusing but two beers does not a hammered mom make. So he got back to the ship in one piece (not to mention the ship is like a mile down the road) - the trip back home was uneventful and since we had directions that did not take us through every major city on the way back it was even fun. David is taking off for LI tomorrow and I will be manning the ship here.

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