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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save Your Money, Eat Crap

One of the things that happens when you go to the Dark Side ("become a vegetarian") is you find yourself hanging around the natural food stores or if you're lucky - a real chinese grocery store. It's because you suddenly know the difference between seitan and tempeh, that you need edamae beans for that cold quinoa salad you want to make for a protein overload. I have popped into pretty much all the organic and natural places - and have found them not only lacking, but way overpriced. I was a little shocked to see the aduki beans I buy in Wegmans for $1.69 marked up to almost $4 a can - the organic place around the corner - EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A PINT OF ORGANIC BLUEBERRIES!! I actually think that all blueberries are organic and if I buy the General Kind down the road they are $2 a pint. There is a chinese grocery in Scranton but since I no longer drive those roads I am out of luck on that. I miss the one in West Virginia in the back parking lot with the big grey security door. What they lacked in atmosphere they more than made up in price and freshness - I miss eating baby bok choy, taro root, red bean paste rolls. I haven't seen fresh tofu in so long I don't know if I'd recognize it if I saw it. I am still enjoying the BBQ - we use it every night that I'm not horsing down the raisin bran - I have no idea why I love that so much but I do. We are busy busy at work, my new co-worker spent the day up at Stroudsburg and hopefully he'll soon be a full time up there.

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