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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Days, Sleepy Nights

Interesting week. Our office set another billing record (since we had no record until a couple of months ago it was a bit easier than it will be down the road) - if your office sets a record you get a present! And they are big presents - at WSV we went out to dinner at the Mohegan Sun. We got silver necklaces. This time both offices got prizes, we got gourmet picnics which included Brie, French sour dough, etc... and we got a glass ice tea urn which is worth quite a bit! We ran like crazy all week, the office is exploding on a daily basis and we run - but the WSV office sends up reinforcements so there is someone there every day thank goodness - it is a good company to work for. David and I are looking at a highly inappropriate house in Stroudsburg - it's exactly what we want minus the frogs in the in ground pool, the cat pee aroma and the general nastiness we seen to think is a challenge. I don't think we'll get it but we are going to try and see what happens. Let's see, what else, Adam is out to sea again, I think John will be sailing for a short time soon, Jackson doesn't set sail until after September. I'm going on a conference at the end of Sept and then another one in November. Everyone liked the little bundt cakes I brought back from vacation - for BOTH offices. It's hard to find something to bring back - I didn't want to do the key ring or coffee mug - how many can you own - but found little gourmet bundt cakes that fit the bill perfectly - I counted them up twice to make sure I had enough - I did thank goodness. Since I've been working both offices I bought for everyone. In other gift giving ventures Liz received the shawl - I thought she should have it because the colors reminded me of her - and since she hurt her shoulder it's nice for her to have a present too. I've been sleeping very good lately, the weather is already getting cooler and I think with all the working I've been doing I just pass out on a nightly basis. But I am getting the hang of it (I think) and every day is a "learning curve" as my boss likes to refer to it. Sometimes it's more of a "screaming and puking curve" but we survive. All the kids are heading back to school which is a bit sad for me, this is the first time we have no one to send off to school in almost 30 years, how odd is that?

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