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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grilling Between The Raindrops

This has to be the most dismal summer ever - yesterday started off rainy but cleared up and was finally warm, almost hot really. But last night the clouds moved in again and Pearl and I spent part of the morning under the deck like the trolls we are. Yesterday was quiet, I finally got a few things done around here, we had more dust than a crypt and the bathroom got a good swamping out. David bought a used riding mower and sold the Gravely, we always seem to be horse trading in mowers. We have bee using the grill quite a bit, we sat outside at the picnic table for the first time this summer, with the new fence we don't have to watch Pearl every second (she likes to hang out on the side of the road). It was nice. I'm not sure what I'm doing today, we have to hit the grocery store AGAIN - we have two lists a week, one is the one we shop off of and the other is all the things we forgot the first time around. But we've been good lately and have been spending about $70 less a week by only going twice a week and keeping a list - and sticking to it. More or less. Yesterday was less. We went to Wegmans and I cannot be responsible for what happens there. My diet is moving along, I am only losing a pound a week now, it sucks that as you get smaller you also have to eat less and you lose less. But at least it's coming off and I didn't put it on in a week so I suppose it won't all come off in a week. The shawl I'm knitting is coming along slowly but it's a good pattern because you don't have to pay a lot of attention to it and you don't have to keep checking the pattern and it goes pretty much everywhere. I went to the gynocologist this week too so I am having a bone density test because I am an Old Lady AND a mammogram AND a sonogram because they found a lump (big surprise there, when don't they find a lump??) and we need to look at it just in case. But it's movable so it's not a big concern at the moment, just as long as they leave where they found it - due to all the surgeries I've had so far my retirement career as an Exotic Dancer will never happen so I'll have to think of something else.

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