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Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Is The Loneliest Number

Yes, the first sock is done and the second one is halfway there. I had to restart once - the first time I tried a pattern down the sides but the yarn is so busy you couldn't even really see it, so it was a lot of work for nothing. So a bit of frogging took place and I reworked it as a plain old sock made out of fancy schmancy Australian wool. We did not do too much today. The computer got another ride to Best Buy, we had paid to have them clean it up and it still had a virus on it so they got it off - I hope. We did Micheal's today - I am a little miffed at AC Moore. I was buying yarn on clearance and the cashier gave me a very hard time about it - she kept insisting I had to pay full price even though I told her there was a sign right in front of the yarn stating it was on clearance AND I double checked to make sure it was the right yarn. She stomped to the back and stayed back there so long I finally left - I was just buying it because it was on sale, not because I needed it and anyone that has seen the Yarn Closet knows I REALLY do not need another skein of yarn. I actually was only buying it as Pity Yarn, I had wanted to go to Milford this weekend to get yarn at Jill Deal and eat at the nifty restaurant that you can eat on the porch while everyone walks by and envies you. But we had someone to come look at the house and we had to take Pearl so we ended up driving to Stroudsburg to look at our potential - we are really tossing that one back and forth. It is a huge undertaking(not to mention we stank of cat pee for the rest of the day) - but it really is what I like. We are thinking about making a super lowball offer and seeing what happens. And the stinkin people blew off the RE and didn't even come and look at our house after all that driving Miss Pants around. Oh, so anyhoo, I didn't get to go to Milford and sit on the porch and eat stuff and then buy very pricey yarn I don't need which is why I was in AC Moore trying to buy yarn that I not only didn't need, but probably didn't really want - but you know what they say - if you can't be with the yarn you love, love the yarn you're with......

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