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Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Are Here!

We left yesterday from PA around 2:30, I took a few personal hours so we could get a jump on things. Adam only has the weekend off so we will be spending it with him and then John and Carleen too - but we wanted to be here Saturday morning. It was a bit hairy - Adam's ship has been out all week so it was a little quasi if they would get here in time, but David and I are troopers and in the car we went. Mapquest had said 6 hours, about - I suppose that is if you are the only person in the universe and no longer have bodily functions. It's actually about 9 if you leave so that you arrive in Baltimore at the EXACT time everyone else in town decides to go home from work and there you will sit and sit. My stomach is still settling, I thought David would be bringing food - I had thought sandwiches, juice, fruit,etc. I got a box of low fat crackers and a bottle of water - and I hadn't eaten lunch. We stopped at a truck stop and just FYI - Stuffed Spinach Pizza with a Cinnabun chaser is never a good idea. Especially if you are over the age of 10. We arrived at the hotel about 11 pm - I have never been so grateful to see a bed and bathroom - John and Carleen reserved the room for us so we knew where to go, Norfolk is pretty big if you've never been here and I'm sure knowing us, we would have accidently rented a room with hourly rates. We slept like the dead and then scampered down to the continental breakfast(Coffee!!) We're meeting John and Carleen's friend Tara at 9 am, she's going to get us a pass and then we'll meet Adam at Pier 12! It's raining of course but we don't care, we are vacationing. In other news right before we left town David called and said the gynocologist's office called and I had to call the nurse. So I did and left a message - they didn't say why so it was a little unnerving - did they find something? Right before we left they called back - they had the bone density test results and it turns out my bones are perfect and impressive - they told me whatever it is I do, keep doing it. So it was a nice start to our vacation.

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