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Friday, August 7, 2009

Stop The Presses, I Don't Have Cancer

I guess I pretty much knew I didn't have breast cancer, what the NP said she found was LumpeeNESS (yes, that is exactly how she said it) but given current events I think it weighes heavily on everyone's mind these days. It's funny how you get out of the habit of the yearly mammogram and given my family history and personal history I was told back in my 30's that I needed to go every year without fail. I failed. So this week I found myself knitting and wearing a little cotton cape - it is this odd little hybrid johnny coat without arms designed to protect, well , I'm not sure - your modesty? Certainly not your dignity. I brought my knitting and knit my way through all empty spaces between the testing. Mammo first, stand here, relax your arm, hold still, now to turn to the other side. Bone density test, knees up, knees down, yes the doctor does want a a sonogram too and sign here so we can get your old films to compare - that made me a little nervous. Had to wait for the sonogram so I got in a couple of rows - I was sitting across from another Caped Crusader, she was in her 80's and the sight of my knitting brought back so many years of quilting, her daughter was there smiling fondly at her mother and her memories, it was strangely pleasant for all of us and it took my mind off of the sonogram that they wanted after all. Sonogram is wet and cold, laying on the unaffected side while someone runs a rod over the area in question, stopping and taking pictures, discussing what I am knitting, do I have children, click click. And we're done. I don't have cancer, I have a letter to prove it with the word NORMAL written several times. How did they know I worried after all?

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