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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wild Blue Yonder

I know, I couldn't stop looking at either. But I have. Because like most everything I make it was packed up quite tightly and shipped off for a new home after I took a few more pictures for posterity. Whoosh. There it goes. I have a few more days of Laying About And So Forth so in celebration I decided to Wash The Dog. Pearl is actually quite good about it, she just hops in the tub and lets you scrub her. I couldn't find the dog shampoo so she smells quite herbal, any port in a storm. The rain has been awful this morning, I went to do a few errands and it was coming down so hard and so fast you couldn't see. Well - I could see the Flasher People, those are the morons that the second it starts raining they hit the emergency flashers, I have yet to figure that one out. I mean if you put on your lights you can see the taillights quite well, when they put on their flashers I can never quite figure out if they're having car trouble or they're just stupid - most of the time they're just stupid. I can see the sky is turning black again, the rain has been off and on all day. But it's ok. I have no plans - just knitting, Laying About and So Forth.

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