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Monday, August 10, 2009

La Shopper

David and I went shopping yesterday - I got two great skirts for $7 apiece. The second one didn't really fit - it's such a pretty skirt I couldn't resist, it's white linen with flowers embroidered in white on the bottom - it was a size 10 but I thought I could take it in a little bit. When I got it home I realized THE HANGER was a size 10, the skirt was a 14. But I made a little pleat in the back - well, actually a 5 inch pleat but it all worked out and I have super sweet new skirt. But I can't see the washing instructions because I pleated it so I will just have to take my chances. Work was interesting today, I have a co-worker! Yep, we are an office of Two, side by side. It's a small office so the difference between being put on hold and handing the phone is about 2 feet - it's nice to not have to do everything. I told Jason he is not allowed to gain any weight as we have about 20 inches of room between our desks and the wall - if he gains weight he'll have to go sit by the bathroom. Peds is glad to have another boy in town - they have two boys so now there is someone else to hang out with - since both offices are fairly small we are back and forth between the two. We do stuff for them and they come over and help out if I need it. I'm having my first real meeting tomorrow, the director will even be there so I might head up a little early. I'm even a little excited.

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