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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday. Deal With It.

Sunday - hmm, well it sort of sucked.  First of all I had to work, but on the other hand since I've left my other job this is actually the first weekend I've had to do anything in almost 2 months. My other job at times I would go up to 6 weeks without having a weekend off so I have no room to complain. I didn't do any hiking at all this weekend, after all that torrential rain I'm sure the trails are sopping and the other issue is my plantar faschitis has returned with a vengeance and I don't know why - I hiked all over WV without a problem so it has to be something else. This weekend something set it off so badly I'm most likely going to make an appointment with the foot doctor. Anyhoo, I had some stuff to do after I was done with my client but David said he wanted to go too before I had left. I came home by 11 and waited for David. And waited some more. After an hour and a half I called him (twice) and it turned out the range had opened late and he forgot I was sitting at home waiting for him. For two hours. I tried to go by myself but by that time traffic was backed up all over and after sitting in traffic for half an hour I was able to find a spot and turn around. I was a little mad. A LITTLE. ARRGH. So I came home and limped around for awhile, sat in the yard with Miss Pants. She's gotten used to the deer so she just stares them down. They stare back. She points. It's a living. David showed up later bearing ice cream sundaes and coffee, I was still mad but I ate it anyhow. No sense in letting a good ice cream go to waste. I'm 2/3 of the way through the pumpkin hat, it looks like it will fit the smaller baby - the yarn I'm using is thicker than the pattern calls for but it's also very stretchy so it will fit. I'll make the other one bigger and then I have a cat hat I'm going to be starting. It will be hats for awhile which is fun since I was on that Socks Shawls Socks Shawls merry go round for awhile.  I guess I'll be getting up in a minute and get my day started, next week I put my winter clothes out - the temps have dropped so I'm thinking it will be safe to do so. I think.

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