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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cat Is A Hat

I am so pleased with this hat, aren't you? It actually came out better than the pattern - I embroidered the eyes instead of using buttons and added a little smile to it. I've found with children's hats the less complicated the detail the more they like it - and I don't use buttons unless I have to because you have to sew the snot out of them so no one chokes. I'm making another fish hat for a friend and then it's back to more hats for the clients. Hats are fun because they used up all your leftovers, they're quick and it's pretty instant gratification.  I've been offered money from all quarters lately - and it is as it's always been, a big NO. You can suggest I make you something, you can hint but that's as far as it goes. When I'm asked I'll say no and sorry - then turn around and do it anyway. Makes no sense? Yes it does. If I accept money I'm on a time schedule - it will have to be a certain pattern, color, yarn. If the recipient doesn't like it I have to do it again. It becomes a job. If I'm doing it to simply give it away, I think about the person I'm knitting it for, how much fun it is to get a gift unexpected - if they don't like it they're morally obligated to say thank you and act like it's the best thing they've ever gotten - after all I did go to trouble and it was sweet of me to do it, wasn't it? I knit and don't worry too much and move on when I'm done. I've left more knitted gifts strewn behind me than I can even begin to think about. I do sometimes keep things, sometimes they hang around until I find someone who will fit it, but for the most part it flows out the door. I've been knitting and crocheting since I was six, seven? Over 40 years, think of all that yarn! The Yarn Hater says nothing, he glares a  skein being carried by, some times, but it's futile to say anything. David has been busy all week by the way, since we've sold the other house and are no longer under such a large black cloud he's been decimating the yard. He put the driveway back where it was originally, fixed the berm around the pool, he's taken up the cockeyed walkway and will lay it back down after the stone is delivered. It will be great when it's done, no more Mrs Havisham!

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Sinéad said...

I love the hat! So cute. I wish I could embroider like that, I made a doll for my daughter once and the face was just awful!