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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year Again

 I'm sure I am the World's Worst Vegetarian - not only do I wear leather but I - eek - support hunting. I'm the one that told the Yarn Hater where the game preserve was located, I gave him the map with all the areas marked. I helped train the hunting dog and when he bought a gun on the Internet to resell, I was the one who suggested he keep it instead since he really really liked it. When they come home with game I have my camera in hand hurrying them towards a good background.  A lot of people find this a strange vegetarian activity but the truth of the matter is -  I just can't eat meat. I don't like it the way some people don't like beets or those horrid little Lima beans.  It has nothing to do with animal rights or Green Peace - I just don't eat it. What I don't understand is people that get upset by it that DO eat meat. Why do think that just because they didn't kill it personally that gets them off the hook for responsibility? I've had people tell me they can't bear to think of that poor little animal being hunted - but try telling them how to slaughter a pig correctly and it's hands on the ears and we need to change the subject. And you make sure the children don't hear! A lot of the problem is people are so far removed from the mechanics of meat they just don't add two and two anymore. Hamburger walked around at one point, lamb chops did too.  And  deer, turkeys, grouse that are hunted and killed - they roamed free didn't they? They weren't jammed in little pens in a barn waiting to get big enough to die. Things die and get eaten, that's the way it goes - just because you didn't participate doesn't keep your karma all clean and sparkly - and I think hunters waste less really. When you work that hard to get your meal you'd better believe you enjoy every last bite of it!

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