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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Walk In The Woods

Today was the first day I've been walking any distance in the past couple of weeks. I put the thingies in my hiking shoes that the podiatrist gave me and off we went. Pearl was wearing her new Sparkly Red Harness (that's an old picture) and I was able to let her off the leash a couple of times so she could really run which she does with great enthusiasm.She was dancing around in the deep woods but graciously ran back so she could poop dead center on the trail - apparently it's no fun unless I have something to clean up. And for the record I DO clean up after my dog,  I wouldn't want someone to leave that for me, would you? I forgot my camera on the kitchen table this morning so no pictures of the leaves turning of course. I need to practice more with my compass but it's hard to keep an eye on my direction, the path itself and Pearl, I'll get it down eventually. I came back to the house by 9:30 and we went out to breakfast, this week we went to Forks Diner in, quite naturally, Forks, PA. Our hostess was an old Greek guy wearing a baseball cap. He asked us if we wanted a booth or table and then waved in the general direction if that's what we wanted. Food was great of course, why is it the older the decor the better and cheaper the food? I went to the Kraemer's Yarn in Nazareth today, I needed a #5 16" circular for those that are interested and then we did Borders, then Wegmans since we were in the neighborhood. But then my foot was screaming - I suppose just because the podiatrist gave me those thingies it was maybe not a good idea to hike and walk for 6 hours straight. Bastards. David has Pearl Of Boundless Energy outside - he leveled the yard yesterday so now it involves a great deal of raking and what not, I'm on the couch with Vincent the cat who is currently working on Nap # 47 for the day. That's the kind of boy he is. 

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Donna said...

Our leaves are just barely starting to turn. Julia, I would love to buy some item you've made. Could be big or small. I rather like having things my Internet friends have made. It needs to be before Cliff retires, while we still have extra $$$. I'm serious. Let me know if you'd be willing to sell something you've made.