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Friday, October 8, 2010

Shopping With The Scary People. And It's Not Even Halloween Yet.

We have a plaza of stores near us that is like the Mecca For Very Scary People - David didn't pick up milk today so I stopped there because it's on the way home. That's the only bonus, aside from being endlessly fascinating of course. When I parked the guy right across was checking his oil, his football shirt said MEAT across the back and he had tattoos on all his fingers plus up the side of his neck. It gave him a very trendy sort of look. He looked pretty mean, I would look mean too if I had to wear that outfit and the only thing meaner looking was his girlfriend. She was  like a jacked up crabby pants.. I think if MEAT and I were in a cage fight with her, two against one, it would be 50-50 odds. There are all sorts of  stores in there, it must be the only place you can pick up milk and get your body pierced a few doors down for $20 a poke. Since I got my Well pay from my job this week I could have come out of there looking just like Hell Raiser. Could too. Shut up. ANYHOW after I gawked at the clothing sale at the Ho Store - it's not really called that but if you need anything tight, low cut, stretchy and two for ten dollars you are in luck! - I finally went in to get my milk. Inside it was more fun, it's a pretty mixed crowd - thuggy people, grandparents, family, crazy looking people with fluffy fly away hair, move along move along. I did get my milk finally, did a little more sight seeing in the parking lot  and then sat in traffic - I think after this weekend it will calm down. I am going to hike a bit tomorrow - not over do it. I got some thingies to stick in my shoes and I have to wear them all the time, even in my slippers for two weeks at least. Of course they're too big to fit in most of my shoes and seem to prefer to be in anything Sensible And Sort Of Ugly. My foot doesn't feel too much better but it's only been one day. So far.

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