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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What A Fun Week So Far!

 Sunday I went to the Promenade Shops over in Center Valley, PA with a friend of mine from work.  We went to a Thai restaurant and I had the Vegan appetizer (NO BEEF HEARTS Donna!!) and we split the Pad Thai - Doris wanted shrimp so she had them put that on the side. I thought they were small and creepy but as a good Lunch Companion I didn't voice my opinion. We went to the book store but since I had cleaned up in the book department the previous day while shopping with the Yarn Hater I just browsed. We went to Sage for shoes, I bought a pair of Danskos which cost way more than we all know I ever spend on a pair of shoes, but they are quite swanky and are good for plantar faschitis. After that we headed home, it was a wonderful day and the weather was perfect. David and Pearl ventured out hunting for the first time since we've moved here - I gave him a map of the state lands - the park over from the one where I hike is for hunting. They got two grouse their first day out, Pearl flushed a woodcock today but David missed, she was a little disappointed in him but has kept her opinion to herself. I finished the second fish hat that I made for Doris's son and I'm now at loose ends (pun intended!) - I should finish the socks I've been working on forever but I'll glom over my knitting books and patterns to see what I want to make next. David is working for the next four days straight, he starts his part time job on Saturday. Halloween is coming and I'll be dressing up this year, working in pediatrics isn't all fun and games you know!


Donna said...

I envy people who have a talent for making something from nothing.
Don't worry, I won't force the heart on you.

Sinéad said...

Mmm Thai food, my favourite! Sounds like a fun day shopping!