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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Out.

 David and  I went to Dickson City - we really haven't been there since we moved, but it's silly because it's pretty much the same distance as Bethlehem. We had to wait for the guy to deliver the stone this morning before we left, hilariously he was of course from NY - Mastic to be exact. One of the guys at work calls East Stroudsburg the sixth borough. Anyhow guy came and dumped oodles of stone and left us with piles of oodles of stone. The yard has been decimated, mulched and leveled, David needs to spread the stone now. After this we have to hook up the new heating unit and a few other things and then it's a halt until spring. I feel like we're hemorrhaging money but it's really that everything was on the back burner until the other house was sold, which it has been. We're spending but as usual we hunt for the best deal. The heating unit we bought was $1500 but David got the floor model - $700.  We're huge fans of Floor Models, Clearance and Sales. I prefer floor models because they're already put together most of the time, can be less than half the price and come with the same guarantees as the full priced stuff. Anyhow we had a great time, went to the Spanish restaurant we both like, the book store and Wegmans of course. We didn't get home until 6 pm, Pearl has been a whiny pest as of late and was whining up a storm (still is as a matter of fact). My plantar faschitis rages on and we are no longer hiking or walking which is driving her crazy and in turn, she drives me crazy. I'll probably be going back to the doctor's next week, it's no better and some days its worse.

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Sinéad said...

Sorry to hear your plantar faschitis is still giving you trouble. My husband had that and it lasted for a while. Only thing that fixed it was going to physio and doing exercises every day.
Oh, and I totally agree about the floor models, great bargain!