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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Use What You Have

On of the things that the Internet has changed big time is shopping and the competition for your money. I'm a big fan of Eddie Bauer and Victoria's Secret and paid large amounts for these item years ago. And I abided by our family motto Why Buy One When You Can Buy Forty Seven.  Now I wouldn't even consider it - and it's all due to the Internet. There is not one thing you can not price shop for and find cheaper. Victoria's Secret - $50 for a bra? Not if you keep checking the clearance - it might not be the color you wanted but it's $19. Eddie Bauer? Outlet down the road who emails me all the big sales and if that's not cheap enough, Eddie Bauer Outlet Online for me. KnitPicks 40% off all books, Amazon - Used.  I'm going to Delaware in November and would like to visit some yarns shops. Plugged that into Google and Voila! - six possible suspects in under 4 seconds. But then the over shopping happens - I won't shop Borders unless I have a coupon, but I have a coupon at least twice a week now. We are reining in the grocery bill, we've had a few slip ups but before we shop we make a list all week. And the other thing - we're eating what we have. All of the cereal is gone before it gets replaced, I rummage the freezer every night and plan around what I find. I can only eat so much tofu, David can only eat so much hamburger. I noticed when Donna put her shopping list up for me a month or so ago she shops for what they're eating now - not what they might eat in a couple of months. And I think that's where a lot of our waste comes in. We cannot possibly eat 5 lbs of carrots before they spoil, what was I thinking when I bought 4 lbs of fresh tofu? Yes it was cheap but having to throw some out still cost me money. That store is a little bit of a hike, but let's face it - it's not going anywhere.  I got rid of all the weird foods I bought on a whim (capers? elderberry extract?) and I think before I buy. I've realized if I have to hunt that hard for a book I want - I probably don't want one and even if I use a coupon I'll still be spending $15 for something I wouldn't have bought if I DIDN'T have a coupon.  It's not perfect of course, I've had a few silly buys here and there and we will never go to Sams again BEFORE we have lunch, that's just asking for a car sagging from the weight of Yodels. I bring knitting or a book for my lunch hour instead of thinking of a store to visit and go straight home even if traffic is uber zippy. Until I win the lottery I will continue to cut back, cut down - and use what I have!

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