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Sunday, December 12, 2004

All Ashore Who's Going Ashore

Despite planes, trains and automobiles, Adam made it home finally. Janet picked him up at Philly International - after a delay of over 2 hours. David and Jackson headed out the next morning to take him to LI but he wanted to see me, so they headed back to our house instead. I was so glad they did because although I had resigned myself to not seeing him until Tuesday it was upsetting. He looks very good and his dog Copper was beside himself with joy as were we all. It must be strange for him visiting us in our new house but he does like the house alot. He had trouble sleeping David said, but I'd figured he would since timewise in Japan it would be daystime for him. I just wish he was staying longer. They headed out for LI this morning after I got home from work and will be back Tuesday. I was supposed to work 7 - 7 overnights but have called in for the first four hours each night so it's actually only 11 -7. I think they are annoyed but whatever. I've been there over 4 months and haven't called in once and it's not like I'm calling off for the entire night. Tempting that was, but I didn't.

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