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Monday, December 20, 2004

Over The River And Through The Woods

We finally did make it out to the car - an hour later. I got a call from the nursing board before we left - I'd gotten a letter telling me my license was NOT valid because the check hadn't cleared - considering the check was sent July 5th I was a bit upset. After a flurry of activity I got it straightened out - they hadn't cashed the check until Sept - 3 months after we moved and surprisingly the account was closed. ANYHOW -it's fixed and we got through NYC well arriving at Mom's around 12. Adam and I headed out to the nursing home to see Grandma Hendrickson who despite her numerous complaints looks extremely well and she's her usual self. She's back in form, mixing it up with the nurses and gossiping (quite loudly!) about her roommate.We walked all around the nursing home and everyone greeted her as we walked by. I'm sure in another month or two she'll know every gory detail about everyone. I did have to laugh at her bulletin board - I knew Carol had done it because mine and Davids' pictures were the only ones not on there! However, she was kind enough to include my kids so I will give her that. When we got back Adam scampered off and Jackson was already calling to let me know he was staying at Josh's. We went to Dad's the next morning, the baby is 3 now, can you believe it?? I was amazed at how fast she's growing up and can talk talk talk!! She HAS to be from our side of the family!! It was great seeing Janet and we very much missed Diane. John and Carleen were at my Mom's from dinner, the children are so cute and they look great. It was a bit touch and go with Adam and John - Adam is currently Mad At The Navy but he got over it. John may be a captain but he is not Adam's and Adam did have us laughing with his various complaints about THEM. Sunday we went to visit David's parents and Bob finally got the apples David has been promising, buying and forgetting. We've been eating pounds of apples because of this affliction. (David has forgotten on two occasions forcing us to eat the 10 pounds of apples he bought).  We got back here around 3pm - Ray had left that morning because they were calling for bad weather and he has a hard time with that. We were disappointed but I would rather he be safe. We went out to the chinese buffet AGAIN but will be staying home tonight. I do my one day of orientation tomorrow and then am off until the 30th

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