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Sunday, December 5, 2004

Hugs And Kisses....

is something Vincent very much objects to. If you kiss him alot, he gets this look of pure disgust on his face, this of course encourages me. He's such a big baby it's hard not to pick him up all the time and squeeze him! I tried to take pictures of the lights I've put up, they look much nicer in real life I have to say. David has had the fireplace going every night, he's out in the yard cutting up the trees every morning, the dead one he took down fills the backyard. We went out Christmas shopping yesterday and did quite well - we even had fun! There's an indoor flea market that we've never been able to make so we went did get there yesterday. It was huge and really great! I forgot my camera -I would have loved to take pictures- but Jackson was all over it and got most of his christmas shopping done there. It was an interesting mix of yardsale type things along side of nice things including jewelry and jukeboxes.  Jackson found an Army/Navy store that he loved, David nixed the disarmed torpedo despite Jackson's reassurance he did have somewhere to put it. We went to the Burlington Coat Factory which I'm sure is the same store as the one on LI but this one is way nicer - I was all over THAT.  Jackson managed to somehow talk his father into buying him a full length black trench coat. He has no "inbetween" coat so we've been looking around for one and Jackson found a lined trench coat. Between him in that and me in my full length leather black coat, we're starting to look like a family of bank robbers. David and I got about half of our shopping done, now we just have to finish cleaning up the house!

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