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Friday, December 10, 2004

No Rest For The Wicked

David and I went to Milford again yesterday, it always seems when we head out that way we never have enough time. It's a beautiful little historic town setttled in 1790 and is restored victorians as far as the eye can see. We walked around for a bit but since Jackson had an orthodontist appointment we had to head back around noon-ish. We did spend a tiny amount of time fooling around in New Jersey. For 75 cents you can go over to where the popular people live or you can run the border out of Milford and hope the border patrol doesn't hunt you down like the dogs you are and ship you back to Pennsylvania. I also took a picture of the Delaware River. We didn't get much sleep last night, Adam called me at 1 am all stressed out. He'd left the boat as soon as he could but wasnt sure if he had enough time to make it to the airport., He asked what he should do and I told him GET OFF THE PHONE AND TRY GETTING ON THE TRAIN. We got a quick call at 3:45 am to let us know he was at the airport and he sounded quite chipper. I didnt mind because strangely enough I was not sleeping. The dogs were whining so I let them out around 4 and Claw ran out behind them. I went back upstairs and not 20 minutes later heard Claw howling  A LOT. Please note none of this is sleep-inducing. I called her and she didn't come in but as soon as I shut the door she shrieked again. David ran down and let the dogs out again, there was alot of noise and running around, but whatever was trying to eat her ran off and she came bolting in the house. No more 4 am runs for her! I guess I'll be heading off to bed after dinner tonight despite the fact I probably got a good solid 4 hours of sleep already, sigh.............

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