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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Years Eve!!

I was making good progress with my poncho (which still remains unclaimed and feeling very bad for itself since no one wants it) when that four letter word reared it's ugly head - W-O-R-K. I did my first official day of orientation, the second picture is the river I have to cross to get to the hospital, don't you just love it? The day was bit slow and usual for orietation, Karen gave me a boatload of information I won't ever remember. I also had to take a rather involved online test which took the FULL hour and a half which was more due to fact I was continously being kicked off, answers not being recorded, etc. Despite all I got an 88 and Karen said she would have to look at the test herself since I got the same answers wrong everyone else did. The rest of the day was pretty good and all paperwork. Today I am orientating on the ICU and off for the weekend. David is making good his threat of extending the loft over the dining room, he's waiting to hear if his bid on a job will be accepted and wanted to get this done now while he has the time. It looks like it'll go quickly. The people that bought the house next door are out this week, David didn't realize that when he was busy yelling for Charger this morning who was off eating "gifts" from the deer, luckily he didn't call out any of Charger's alternate names. The snow is still here but I think it will melt soon, I can't believe LI got 4 more inches than we did. They're calling for it to be in the 50's next week! Jackson's already complaining about the end of his vacation and getting back to school. Adam seems to be doing fine and hopefully has adjusted to the time zone. I'm sure he'll be staying close to the ship as he is broke. And before I forget - Happy New Year's Eve!

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