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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

The Excitment Never Ends Around Here.

We had more than a dusting of snow last night which then turned to rain and then ice.  I find driving in the snow enjoyable but I do NOT like driving with ice. While coming down 348 I saw a car stopped and turning so I tapped my brakes and proceeded to slide about 60 feet. The car seemed to just sitting there for an eternity  but I'm sure that was just my perspective as I was cheerfully slaloming towards them with no way of stopping. It turned before I got there and I was able to slow my car without anymore dramatic turns of events, but I guess I'll have to be more careful. The countdown at work continues - the nurse manager seems to be coldly polite to me. I'm trying to watch myself as it's very nerve wracking and to add to it the staff seems to be getting shorter and shorter. I'm sure any input from me at this point would add fuel to the fire, but the management seems to have no clue how to treat thier staff. My old boss at Stonybrook had his moments but overall he defended us and went the extra to make sure we always had enough help and it was the same at Mon Gen in WV. This place in response to the shortage  is to badger the staff to work extra or even worse, force them to. I've had four nurses so far come up to me asking about WM in the past week People are calling out sick which makes it worse and working has become hellish to say the least. And to add to that the manager and her sidekick have no respect at all for the nurses which makes the low morale even lower. You would think with the shortage they would be nicer to us, but I guess that hasn't occurred to them yet. We are on the countdown to Adam's return, 4 days to be exact. I'm trying not to get too excited as there is room for something to happen. Jackson asks everyday when he'll be here. Jackson by the way is getting his braces off next week!! Whoo hoo!

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