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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Merry Cat-mis!

I've been busy decorating the house steady, AC Moore's  been having tons of sales so I have garland and velvet bows to spare. Vincent is shaping up to be trouble for the holidays, he's finding decorations are fun to bat around - the idea of him around a tree full of shiny objects and lights is daunting to say the least. Mr. Lee has been doing her part by marching around on the handrail and chewing the bows a tiny bit. The wind has been howling all day with rain off and on. David's been trying to finish cutting up the trees. Yes, I did use the plural. Yesterday he went out and was tugging on a vine wrapped around another tree by the house. He gave it one big yank and snapped the tree in half! I went out to see a large trunk suspended about a foot above our roof  by vines. David is claiming it was an accident but I think it was not. He's been sneaky cutting down trees steady since we got here. I told him that people that do not like trees should not live in the WOODS. Anyhow he told the Gestapo and they told him it was alright to cut down any tree within ten feet of our deck which give the Tree Hater something to think about. I will be living in a desert by spring. Work continues to be work. Wayne Memorial called yesterday to offically offer the job and I AM getting a $2500 bonus spread out over a couple of years. That's getting to be standard, Moses Taylor stopped offering a bonus because they would give it with the understanding the employee would stay a year and then  the person would leave. And it's not easy getting it back - so they just stopped giving them. As far as I'm concerned it's just gravy on the side.


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