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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Black Bart And His Evil Sidekick

Anyone notice a trend? Poor David is sticking out like a sore thumb these days since he refuses to dress like Snidely Whiplash like the rest of the family. We took Adam shopping yesterday, he seems to be enjoying that the most. We did Borders and the small mall - I'm almost done with my christmas shopping. Adam is having a great time buying american. We're leaving for LI in the am tomorrow - Jacks will miss another day of school but there's no helping that. Ray will be coming out here to Pa on Saturday to pal around with David and then we will be back here on Sunday afternoon to spend some time with him. I'm done with Moses Taylor but still have to turn in my badge and figure out how to retrieve my paycheck. Not much going on! The last two pictures are of the poncho currently in progress and looking like it might be sized correctly to boot (it's worked from the bottom up) - anyone interested let me know. It's going to striped - maroon and white.

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