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Thursday, December 9, 2004

Help, I've Been Shot

I went over to Wayne Memorial to do paperwork yesterday morning. While I was filling out everything from parking information to swearing I had never beaten a child I had a PPD done and then the person doing the paper work realized I hadn't had a tetnus so she dug around in her fridge and gave me one while I was sitting there in the office. Hmm. I do hope she was a nurse..... Anyhow I did pee in a cup and got my parking sticker so with the exception of a physical I'm ready to go. My arm is sore today which I expected but hate. In the pictures I posted today is the Jadwin Dam that David and I came across in our travels last week. It's pretty spectacular, the bad things about pictures is they rarely do thier subjects justice, when you're standing over looking the dam it's so huge but in the pictures it just looks like a dip here and there. The 6th picture is me in my furry high heels! So I can be stylish yet warm. I got a letter from Adam today the Grumpy Monkey who is getting quite anxious to leave. I can't believe it's only two more days! And the last picture is of Vincent showing off his rather round belly. If we walk by he flops over so we can rub it for him. David put him out before he left yesterday so when I came home he was a bit hystercial, having been left out on the deck TO DIE. Claw was also left out on the deck to die, but was handling it a bit better. It was nothing a bowl of sardines and a warm couch couldn't cure.

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